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Saffire is hailing from Gottenburg, Sweden, and it's a new band that its mission is to serve both commercial and melodic hard 'n' heavy sound. They started playing covers in local clubs when they suddenly decided that they had to make the next big step. And that step was to write their own material and ultimately presents it here in this cd which is entitled «From Ashes To Fire».

As I mentioned above, the music of Saffire is quite interesting, since it combines the classic hard 'n' heavy sound with some pinches of Progressive with a modern approach. Its music is build on strong and at the same time modern guitar riffs mixed with an old-school heavy vibe, very good vocal performances, and some 80's Scandi elements as well.

The songs in their majority are very good composed with solid arrangements and a tight musicianship. Tracks such as "Magnolia", "Call Freedom" and "The Betrayer's Fate" are all three great samples of Saffire's music. While the Hard Rock element can be found in every song of the album, the band actually offers much more than a well-crafted hard rock album. For example, the band manages easily to balance perfectly between hard rock and metal with heavier songs like «Kingdom of the Blind» and «Paralyzed», but always with the melody in front row. By listening to the song «A Symphony Unheard» memories from early Styx come in mind. This is the progressive side of the band which is heard also in "Modus Vivendi". In the "End Of The World", the guys marry the blues with the heavy and the result is just awesome!! The two ballads that included in their debut, «What If» and «She Remains a Mystery», are both very good with beautiful melodies, nice orchestrations and passionate vocal performances.

Concluding my review of «From Ashes To Fire», I should emphasize that these Swedes impressed me with their debut. They put the bar pretty high for first release and I'm looking forward to their next steps. The combination of many elements gives a variety to the final result and finally does not tires. On the positive side is also the very good voice of Tobbe Jansson that 'binds' the songs even more. 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01. Magnolia
02. Kingdom of the Blind
03. Freedom Call
04. End of the World
05. What If
06. A Symphony Unheard
07. Paralyzed
08. Modus Vivendi
09. The Betrayer's Fate
10. She Remains a Mystery
11. Say Goodbye
12. The Redemption
13. Stormy Waters 

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