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Gothminister- Someone Is After Me [New Video]

Gothminister- “Someone is After Me” Video Link:

UTOPIA – “Someone Is After Me“ maybe Hell only exists here on earth?
UTOPIA is GOTHMINISTER`s new concept album, consisting of both studio recorded and live film recorded songs, and even a livefilm intro and outro.
The concept of UTOPIA is inspired by Bjørn Alexander Brem`s life and nightmares – the combination of being a lawyer in daytime and GOTHMINISTER at night drives him eventually insane – it becomes
impossible for him to understand the difference between reality and imaginaton.
Norwegian Industrial/Dark Metal outfit GOTHMINISTER presents an extraordinary project with their new studio album “Utopia”: not only it’s the band’s heaviest album to date; GOTHMINISTER expand the boundaries of imagination, as they combine the worlds of music and movie.
2013 is the year that the world has ended according to many prophecies. But after the world goes under, the dead will rise from their graves and walk the earth! “There will be a resurrection of the dead, of the righteous, and of the evil”!
“Utopia” is GOTHMINISTER`s fifth studio album and the most spectacular so far. It is a concept album, including both studio recorded tracks and (on the limited edition) also a horror/concert film (DVD) with a running time of more than 1 hour and 15 minutes + bonus material.
The concept of “Utopia” is inspired by Bjørn Alexander Brem`s life and nightmares - the combination of being a lawyer in daytime and GOTHMINISTER at night drives him eventually insane - it becomes impossible for him to separate reality from imagination. The other GOTHMINISTER members Chris Dead (drummer), Icarus (guitars) and Turbo Natas (guitars) also take part in this nightmarish world filled with undead walkers, witches, werewolves and monsters.
“Utopia” was produced by Bjørn Alexander Brem, mixed by Neil Kernon (Judas Priest, Nile) and mastered by Alan Douches (The Misfits, Dillinger Escape Plan).
The amazing new GOTHMINISTER live show is something you have never ever seen before. We dare to claim it is beyond anything for example shock rockers like ALICE COOPER or MARILYN MANSON have done before. Don’t miss it!
GOTHMINISTER was formed by Bjørn Alexander Brem in 1999. The debut album „Gothic Electronic Anthems” was released in 2003 and got fantastic critics in both national and international press. The album reached top 3 on the Dutch club lists. Metal Hammer U.K headlines read “the undead are reborn”. GOTHMINISTER has had several successful club singles in the top 15 in Germany, like “Angel” and “Devil”. GOTHMINISTER played all the big German Festivals like WGT, Dark Storm Festival, three years in a row invited to the M`Era Luna Festival, and performing for more than 10.000 people at the Schattenreich Festival at ARENA in Oberhausen together with bands like Oomph!, In Extremo and Within Temptation.
The second album, „Empire of Dark Salvation” took GOTHMINISTER to a totally new level. In Norway the band became historic by being the very first gothic industrial band to be sponsored by Rikskonsertene to do a nightliner tour in the biggest cities. Support on the tour were Tristania. Even Bylarm (“Norwegian Popcomm”) organized a dark rock/gothic event in connection with the release. In Europe, GOTHMINISTER played more than 100 shows in over 20 countries to promote “Empire Of Dark Salvation”, touring with bands like Lacuna Coil, Theatre of Tragedy and Mortiis. The smash hit “Monsters” reached no.11 on the German Alternative Charts, and big success also overseas led to GOTHMINISTER’s first U.S headliner tour, taking on New York to Hollywood.

In 2008 the third album „Happiness In Darkness“ was released. It contained the monster-hit “Dusk Till Dawn” which hit the highest charts positions yet, number 1 in the U.S alternative charts and number 7 in the German alternative charts. The video for the mighty “Darkside” has had a great success on Youtube with more than 600.000 plays. GOTHMINISTER celebrated the success by performing Norway`s highest rock concert on “Romsdalshorn” on 1550 m (!) above Trollveggen in the beautiful Norwegian mountains, something no band had ever done before. The concert was transferred wireless to a big screen at the festival area several kilometers away and the Norwegian national news also covered the event, which was unique.
In 2011 the fourth album “Anima Inferna” placed GOTHMINISTER further towards the metal scene than ever before. The album was produced by American soundwizard Neil Kernon (Judas Priest, Nile) and the album surpassed even the most optimistic expectations. Killer tracks as “Stonehenge”, “Liar” or “Juggernaut” once again show GOTHMINISTER`s brutal power. Dynamic, energetic, dramatic – and beware of those divine, crying and weeping choirs and impressive orchestral parts!
2013: GOTHMINISTER shock the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest semifinal with an extreme stage show for the song “Utopia”. Even though the band has heavily-favored to win, they didn’t make it to the final. Maybe too much blood and undead walking the stage… GOTHMINISTER never make compromises!
And with the release of the “Utopia” album, they now deliver a piece of art which goes way beyond the music.

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