Friday, February 1, 2013

Electric/Pop Duo Ugly Kids Club Releases New EP Rain & Bones

Los Angeles, CA -- The evolution of the electric pop duo Ugly Kids Club always leaves you craving more, in response the duo is releasing a two-song EP, Rain & Bones, available now on iTunes. Known for making their own rules, Ugly Kids Club have once again found a way to pour their hearts and souls into every lyric to create an eclectic masterpiece with Rain & Bones. As more of the world discovers the magic of Ugly Kids Club, they continue to mould and shape their art to perfection. 

Gut-wrenching harmonies and heart-bearing lyrics take the lead on the Ugly Kids Club's new arrival. Band members Aliegh Shields, a part-time model, and Grammy-nominated producer Steve Wilson (The Juliana Theory and Jonezetta) each use their dynamic talents to add texture and depth to Steve's own production Rain & Bones. The first track, "Rain," brings to life the story of two lovers whose relentless love causes them to ignore each other's tainted pasts. Driven by soft guitar chords and rumbling percussion's, the song is taken to climactic heights by Aliegh's strong, rich vocals. Wild guitars, swift melodic transitions and raging synths preside over the rebellious follow-up "Bones," as Steve's smooth tone dances under Aliegh's soaring notes throughout the song. 

Nashville's fireball duo met in 2011 and soon decided to join forces after they realized they shared a love of minimalistic rock duos like Sleigh Bells, Crystal Castles, and The Kills.Soon after they released a self-titled EP and a music video that showcased their visual imagination as well as their musical chops. Both prolific songwriters, Aliegh and Steve also play the guitar, but have had diverse musical trainings. Steve studied classical music formally and has played in a few professional bands, where as Aliegh developed her gifts performing on stage in church and at school. Though they walked different paths before the music gods brought them together, Ugly Kids Club effortlessly combine compelling musical elements and emotions as cohesive as a seasoned band would. 

Major rock bands such as The Police and Nirvana have influenced Ugly Kids Club's raw and unfiltered sound. Their edgy personas carry over musically and have proven to be magnetic among crowds at music venues all around Tennessee. Aliegh and Steve aim to reach audiences across the nation with their music, and by the looks of it, that might not be long.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the duo's six-part deluxe single & video series.

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