Saturday, May 20, 2023

REVIEW : Pyramaze, Bloodlines (AFM Records / Release: 23 June 2023)

The amazing melodic power metal band of PYRAMAZE is going to release its brand new opus entitled "Bloodlines" through AFM Records this June. The new effort sees the band stronger than ever movin' to the same glory melodic metal paths of its previous recordings and also establishing itself as one of the best of its kind. 

As in the previous recordings, the same here, Pyramaze is delivering some powerful vocals, haunting guitar riffs and solos, big keys and excellent arrangements! Pyramaze is not an ordinary power melodic metal band; it's more technicall, darker at times and extremely melodic that all the above are making their music a pleasant and very enjoyable not only for the fans of this particular genre but aslo for every hard 'n' heavy fan out there. 

Pyramaze keyboardist Jonah Weingarten feels that ‘Bloodlines’ takes up where its predecessor left off, spanning more than twenty years of band history and, at the same time, offering a glimpse of what the future holds in store. “For me, the new songs are a successful mix of the material from ‘Epitaph’ and ‘Disciples Of The Sun’ while also featuring cross-references to our very first releases and surprising with a number of unusual song structures,” explains Weingarten, who, along with Danish guitarist/producer Jacob Hansen, is one of the group’s two main composers.

If someone would ask me to pick up a bunch of highlights out of this new record, this would be so difficult to do as every single track is flawed to perfection in my humble opinion. But if I had to choose, then the tracks that are MUST to check are the following : the melodic perfection of "Alliance" (feat. Melissa Bonny) with tis so emotional harmonies, "The Midnight Sun" is just a killer melodic heavy gem, the up-tempo and heavy "Taking What's Mine", the prog melodic metal perfection of "The Mystery", "Broken Arrow" and, of course, the technical "Even If You Are Gone". 

For sure "Bloodlines" is an absolute thrilling record all the way! It's melodic as it gets, it's technical, it's powerful and contains some over the top and remarkable performances! There's no weak moment in sight and the shining star here is the band's lead singer Terje Harøy! No doubt 'bout that! This guy sings his heart out and along with Jacob Hansen (Guitars, Bass), Jonah Weingarten (Keyboards), Toke Skjønnemand (Guitars) and Morten Gade Sørensen (Drums) delivering one of this year's top albums! 

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