Saturday, March 30, 2019

REVIEW : StOp StOp ---- 'Get Selfied' (April 2019)

Stop Stop is an outrageous, ass-kickin' and old-fashioned hard rocking band that since its creation it released some solid albums and build a strong reputation around its name. The band's debut, "Unlimited", was released back in 2010 and gained positive feedback from both fans and music press. This opus was the reason that 'pushed' the band to move from its home country, Spain, to U.K. a year later. 

They started touring to promote the album and three years later they released a new record entitled "Join The Party". A new record deal with Metalapolis Records followed and, of course, new gigs through Europe with, this time, a loyal fan base. In 2016, Stop Stop returned in music business with the fresh and powerful "Barceloningham" album. 

Nowadays, Stop Stop is ready to unleash its brand new opus entitled "Get Selfied" (with this 'crazy' and fanny front cover). After a couple of spins of "Get Selfied" I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot, really!! I own the band's last two releases and as you can assume I'm a big fan of Stop Stop and that made me very anxious of what's to expect from this new record.  

The new album kicks-off with the amazing, ultra-catchy and very AC/DC like "Renegade". This is probably the best sample of Stop Stop's music. In one word, brilliant!!! With "The Last Call", "Bite The Bully", the groovier "Living A Lie" and "Son Of A Beast" the band delivers high-energetic, tasteful and raw hard rock 'n' roll music that will make you scream for more!! "Have It" includes some funkier pinches that I love and in n"You Are Rock N Roll" Stop Stop closes this album in such a great way with such a great song. 

Stop Stop is a band that when it comes to some fan, ass-kicking, raw and up-tempo hard rock 'n' roll music they are shouting out loud : "hey we are here to bring your house down!!!!". 

Rating : 9/10 

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