Sunday, November 4, 2018

REVIEW : OSUKARU --- House Of Mirrors (City Of Lights Records, September 2018)

OSUKARU's latest opus, 'The Labyrinth', back in 2017 was a solid album all the way. It was a really nice record that included some killer hard rock tracks, great performances and, of course, amazing guitar work. Nowadays, OSUKARU is back again with its brand new release which is entitled "House Of Mirrors".

Once again Osukaru delivers all their well-known elements with style and quality that makes "House Of Mirrors" an excellent purchase not only for the band's long time fans but, also, for every melodic rock/hard rock fans out there. 

The first highlight of the new opus comes with the track "You've Been Waiting". This is a really huge melodic rock gem that includes a superb and ultra-catchy hook and chorus, a sticky sweet harmony and a crunchy guitar work. Great, just great!! "Ritual" is edgier while in "Ain't Too Late (For Love)" we are dealing with yet another breathtaking melodic rock monster!!! In my humble opinion, this tune is one of this year's best songs!! Love it!!! More groove in "X Marks The Spot" which is again a very interesting moment while the first big ballad comes with "Until Forever Ends". Check out, also, the punchier and modern rocker of "Red Heat" and "Felicity Drive" which is awesome!!! 

A tight musicianship, great songs, amazing performances and superb guitar work are some of the ingredients of this stunning album! OSUKARU releases a killer opus, period!!! 

Rating : 9,5/10

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