Saturday, October 13, 2018

REVIEW : CREYE --- CREYE (Frontiers Music s.r.l., October 2018)

In late 2016, a band with the name of CREYE rocked my world, and I think that rocked the world of every serious melodic rock fan out there, with their debut opus. These Swedes debuted with an EP record which was entitled "Never Too Late". That was, and still remains, a huge debut that contained some great and timeless melodic rock songs. Of course, "Never Too Late", gained some excellent reviews from both fans and music press and made me anxious of what's to follow up next from these guys.

Nowadays, the time has come for CREYE to release its first full-length album through Frontiers Music s.r.l.  “Both the sound and the writing has matured quite a lot over this past year, and of course we’ve also discovered some new sides to our music as well that might not be present listening to the EP,” says Andreas (guitarist and founding member of Creye). "I’m extremely proud of every song on the whole album. If you are a fan of the EP then you will definitely enjoy this since it is by far the best we’ve ever sounded." 

The track that kicks-off this album is entitled "Holding On" and it's the first highlight of this amazing opus. Edgy and melodic with a chorus line to sing-a-long "Holding On" is just pure ear candy. "Nothing To Lose", "Different State Of Mind" and "Never Too Late" are all top notch, hookladen and melodious tracks that will make you push the repeat button again and again! The hooks, the choruses, the arrangements, the vocals and every little thing here sounds perfect! 

"All We Need Is Faith" is just killer commercial melodic rock stuff at its best. Imagine something between Art Nation and H.E.A.T. (of the first to albums) and you'll get the picture! Tasteful AOR song with attitude and with a chorus line to whistle it for days! I just love this one! Of course, the AOR anthems do not stop here; check out also, tracks like "Christina", "Straight To The Top", the punchier "Still Believe In You" and "Desperately Lovin'" and you'll discover the PERFECT melodic rock album of 2018! 

Words are not enough to describe this melodic rock gem. I think that CREYE with their debut opus are heading straight to the top of the melodic rock/AOR world!! It's one of these records that will leave you hungry for more. Melodic perfection.......

Rating : 10/10 

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