Monday, September 10, 2018


Aussie melodic rocker Dion Bayman is back in business with a brand new album simply entitled "Better Days". I really loved Bayman's 2016 record "Don't Look Down". That was a damn fine rock album that included some excellent tracks in it, melodies, a modern vibe and most of all Bayman's passionate performances. 

Nowadays and under a new record deal, with Art Of Melody MusicBurning Minds Music Group, Dion Bayman strikes back with his new step "Better Days". 

The opener tune of "Ready For The Real Thing" is just killer commercial and modern melodic rock at its best. Somewhere between 'new' Bon Jovi and classic U.S. AOR, this song is flawed to perfection and grabs your attention at once. The chorus line is also killer! "Rise And Fall" slows the rhythm a bit but it's again an excellent rocker with a memorable chorus line to sing-a-long. With "The Best Times Of My Life", Bayman recalls musicians such as Bryan Adams and Richard Marx. The summer days are gone but songs like "Fallin' For You" could easily be anthems for the next summer!!! Man, I just love every single moment of "Better Days" so far. In "Out Of Mind Out Of Sight", Dion Bayman delivers a more relaxing, slower track that includes a very nice melody and it's among my personal favorites from his new opus. The song that closes the album, "If I Could", it's a song that Bon Jovi would love to record for their latest efforts. 

Look out Ladies and Gentlemen, the new melodic rock sensation is called Dion Bayman and with his brand new opus he promisesr much better days!!!! If you are a fan of Bon Jovi or you love to death quality melodic rock music, then this opus is just for you!!!

Rating : 10/10

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