Thursday, April 5, 2018

REVIEW : DOKKEN --- Return to The East Live 2016 (Frontiers Music s.r.l., April 2018)

Now this is good news! One of my all time favorite hard rock bands, Dokken, is back with a new live album (plus a new studio track)! Dokken for those who grew up with the classic hard rock sound needs no introduction. The band cemented their status as one of the legendary hard rock/heavy metal icons of the 80's rock scene with numerous successful albums, tours, songs, music videos and a legacy that will live on forever.

The members of Dokken had their issues from time to time but that's all gone (hopefully forgotten). Back in 2016, the classic original line-up of Don Dokken, George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, and Mick Brown reunited to play in the world famous Loud Park Festival in Japan. Fortunately, for fans outside of Japan, cameras were there to capture the performance and now Frontiers is set to issue “Return To The East Live 2016” on CD/DVD, Blu-Ray, Box Set and Vinyl!

This live album kicks-off with a brand new track which is entitled "It's Another Day". Classic tune from these veterans that brings back memories from the band's earlier records. Love it!! After this new tune it comes the real thing, the live thing; "Kiss Of Death", "Unchain The Night", "Into The Fire", "Dream Warriors", "In My Dreams" are some of the classic tunes that will make all of Dokken's old fans (including me) very very proud!!! The cd includes also two acoustic tracks. "Heaven Sent" and "Will The Sun Rise" which are both great too.

For the fans of DOKKEN, this is a mandatory purchase, no doubt about that. Especially the edition that includes the DVD !!!! I don't know if the future will bring a new Dokken record (with the original line-up) only time will tell. I'm happy that one of my all time favorite bands is back together for this album, for this new song.....for one last performance!!!

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