Monday, June 8, 2015

REVIEW : NEVER HILL / Epilogue (2015)

Formally known as The Oceans Above, Never Hill have been working hard to build a name for themselves. A name that is growing rapidly each day! So, Never Hill is a 'new' modern rock band that has all the package to become the next big thing in this scene. They have the right attitude, they have the songs and the power to rock our world for good.

And to be really honest with you here, I have never heard 'bout these youngsters before till now that I received their promo for a review. "Epilogue" is entitled the band's newest effort and it took me by surprise from the first spin!

"Forgive Me", the opening tune is simply breathtaking; a great rocker with a 'darker' vibe in it that grabs you at once and leaves you hungry for more! Next, "Fire" is yet another very good track, more straight forward that includes a nice riff, great arrangements and a catchy hook and chorus line. "Starting Line" is a more pop-rock tune, more commercial, while in "Colours" we are dealing with a beautiful mid-tempo that includes a such a beautiful melody and it's among my personal favorites from "Epilogue". Back in action with "Stay Away" which is a more fast-paced rocker with some in-your-face performances. This mini album closes perfectly with yet another great modern rock anthem; "Afraid Of The Dark".

Pretty impressive album by Never Hill. Only a 6-track album but believe me, this is not a problem at all 'cause these young rockers know exactly how to write a good modern rock song. These guys put heart and soul to each and every single song here and the result is just brilliant! Well done!!!
Rating : 8,8/10

Track Listing: Forgive Me, Fire, Starting Line, Colours, Stay Away, Afraid Of The Dark


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