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After the band's solid debut album two years ago, the all-star project of WOLFPAKK of Mark Sweeney and Michael Voss is back with the brand new "Cry Wolf". This new release is featuring an all-star guest list of musicians such as Johnny Gioeli (Hardline), Goran Edman (Malmsteen), Tony Mills (Shy), Kee Marcello (ex-Europe) and Don Airey (Deep Purple) among others.

As on the debut, Voss and Sweeney wrote all the songs together and they were responsible once gain for the production, mix and vocals. "Cry Wolf", also, finds the participation of the legendary keyboard player Tony Carey of RAINBOW. "It was just unbelievable to have the great Tony Carey on our album", Sweeney states.

"Moonlight" is the opener tune of this album and it's about a melodic heavy track with a modern approach that sure makes impression! Next, "Matter Of Time" continues in the same heavy paths filled with some more melodies and with Johnny Gioeli's passionate performances and it's among my personal favorite tunes from this new effort. "Park Revelation" is good while in "Cold Winter" we have the first power ballad of the album. This is a really nice song that features a duet with Amanda Somerville. Tony Mills offers his contribution on the heavy "Palace Of Gold" and  in "The Best In Me" we have one of the heavier tracks of "Cry Wolf". An 80's influenced fast-paced classic heavy metal cut where features the 'mighty' Goran Edman on vocals. The rest of the tracks are all moving to the same heavy paths as the previous ones with plenty of killer guitar lines, powerful performances and nice arrangements.

For sure, this one is far better than the band's debut. It contains some impressive heavy songs, solid arrangements, a tight musicianship and the impressive list of guest musicians takes this album to a higher level. A must have for the fans of the classic 80's melodic heavy metal sound. 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :

01 - Moonlight
02 - A Matter of Time
03 - Dark Revelation
04 - Cold Winter
05 - Palace of Gold
06 - The Beast in Me
07 - Wakken
08 - Pressure Down
09 - Run With the Wolf
10 - Cry Wolf
11 - Kid Raw [feat. Hermann Rarebell] (bonus track)

Amanda Somerville (Kiske/Somerville), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Göran Edman (Ex-Yngwie Malmsteen), Johnny Gioeli (Axel Rudi Pell, Hardline), Doogie White (Ex-Rainbow, Michael Schenker), Tony Mills (Shy, TNT), Blaze Baley (Ex-Iron Maiden), Piet Sielck (Iron Savior), Jean-Marc Viller (Callaway)

Mike Winkler (Session Musician)

Kee Marcello (Ex-Europe), Mandy Meyer (Krokus, Ex-Gotthard), Roland Grapow (Masterplan), Martin Rauber (Top4tea)

Don Airey (Deep Purple), Tony Carey (Ex-Rainbow)

Drums:Gereon Homann (Eat The Gun), Brian
Tichy (Whitesnake /Ozzy), Hermann Rarebell (Ex-Scorpions), Roland Jahoda (Ex-Paradox, F.U.C.K.

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