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Quiet Riot to Perform with Brett Michaels at Chesaning Showboat Festival

Quiet Riot to Perform with Brett Michaels at Chesaning Showboat Festival

Keeping that rock and roll spirit alive, hard rock legends Quiet Riot will bring the sounds of the MTV generation to the Showboat Festival in Chesaning, MI on July 17th, 2013.

Los Angeles, CA - 6-30-2013 (JoeDolanPR): Quiet Riot, the LA born hard rock band, has continued a legacy in the genre of rock and roll since establishing their musical art form in the early 1980’s. With consistent airplay, MTV video plays and international touring that was showcased in every major magazine worldwide for decades, the band’s footprint is forever embedded into the history of rock and roll. On July 17th, the band will bring the hits to the stage of the Chesaning Showboat Festival alongside former Poison front man, Brett Michaels.

Quiet Riot’s 6-time platinum release Metal Health instantly became the inspiration to millions of rock and roll musicians around the globe looking to score a bite of the fame Quiet Riot achieved. As MTV bought a new form of entertainment to television viewers with 3 to 5 minute video shorts that exploited the teen angst of a generation with rock and roll dreams and visions of stardom, it seemed that the dream was attainable to anyone who could knock out three chords and some decent lyrical content. The truth, at the time, was hushed by the visions of splendor. The truth being, you had to have the skills to back up the look. It isn’t as easy as it looks to create a song that stands the test of time. Quiet Riot has done that over and over, as their long string of success is evident in the current tours set list.

While the line-up of the band has changed since the passing of former front man Kevin DuBrow, the mastery of the musicianship remains intact. Drummer Frankie Banali and bassist Chuck Wright were both instrumental in bringing the band into the light of fame. Despite what viewers saw while watching the song play on MTV, Chuck Wright and Frankie Banali were the driving rhythm section that recorded their number one hit and defined the sound of the generation. In the studio, they together assembled and recorded rock’s biggest and most influential song with the words, “Bang Your Head – Metal Health will drive you mad!” – it’s impossible to read it without hearing it play in the back of your mind. The reason being, it’s an art form, performed by those who have been educated in mastering the art.

While often behind the scenes, bassist Chuck Wright, who will be performing on stage at the festival, has laid down some of hard rock’s most familiar chart topping hits over the past two decades. Recording, performing and touring in support of acts including Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, Doro Pesch of Warlock, House of Lords, Mr Big, Jeff Scott Soto and the legendary madman Ted Nugent to name a few. Chuck Wright’s latest efforts outside of Quiet Riot’s tour include the 2013 release of Heaven and Earth’s “DIG,” the passionately awaited album rock fans have clamored for featuring Stuart Smith, Richie Onori, Arian Schierbaum and the debut original release to feature Joe Retta bringing his heartfelt and wide vocal range to the plate for a swing and a clear cut home run. The album can be heard and purchased by visiting:

After the show in Chesaning, fans are urged to stick around, as the band is known for taking the time after each performance to meet their fans and take pictures, sign autographs and share laughs with long time supporters of their music.

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