Friday, December 14, 2012

6008 Days rock band (ex Secret Sphere singer)

The brand new rock band 6008 Days founded by Roberto Messina, ex- Secret Sphere singer (and current singer also of the French band Alkemyst, working on the third album) is on the way to publish the first official videoclip “The Bad Day”, directed by Antonio Masiello, known in Italy for his blasting-communication standards, within the end of December 2012.
Line-up, also includes Marco Lazzarini - drums, Bull - guitarist and main arranger, John as bass player. This last one is also personally involved in the audio production process of the single-song by important studios in Miami.
  • The band declares:
“… we play Rock with modern sound, with a special taste for a mix of energy and melody that is our main feature. Some of our influences are: Alter Bridge, Foo Fighters, Slash, Shinedown, Muse  and even Jeff Buckley. We deeply trust that with this single all rockers will soon get “6008 Days addicted” and will wait for the full-length album release, that will be in 2013”

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