Sunday, March 24, 2019

REVIEW : Alchemy --- Dyadic (Street Symphonies Records, 2019)

Italian hard rockers ALCHEMY are back in business with their second album entitled "Dyadic". The band's debut opus was released back in 2016 and it was a solid record all the way. "Never Too Late", the debut, included some excellent and edgy hard rock tracks, nice arrangements, killer guitars and overall left a sweet taste in my ears. As I mentioned back then : "Never Too Late is the band's first work I have to say that this band has a potential for bigger things in the near future. There is no weak moment here, just pure and edgy hard rock...."

And, yes, I was damn right; the band strikes back with album number two and, for sure, a bigger opus by any meaning. Bigger sound, better songs and in my humble opinion, "Dyadic" is THE album that will gain more fans to these Italians. And I think that they deserve it, to be honest.

The first three songs that open "Dyadic", 'Cursed', 'One Step Away' and 'Endless Quest', are all three just killer Euro melodic hard rock samples. Edgy guitars, powerful and with attitude performances, strong arrangements and breathtaking hooks enough to make you wanna whistle them for days. 
The moodier and darker "What It Takes" gives an extra and more different flavor while in "Day By Day" we have yet another highlight out of the new opus. Punchy melodic hard rock with big choirs, a catchy as hell chorus line and strong arrangements. Well done! "Lost In The Dark", the ultra catchy tune of "Take Another Shot" and the groovier n' symphonic "Prisoner" are all personal favorites out of "Dyadic". 

Alchemy with "Dyadic" deliver a killer no filler melodic hard rock album all the way. The talent of this band is plenty and that can be heard all over the album, in each and every single track of this really enjoyable opus that must be checked out by any fan of this genre. 


Marcello Spera: Vocals
Cristiano Stefana: Guitars
Andrew Trabelsi: Keyboards
Matteo Castelli: Bass
Matteo Severini: Drums & Percussion

Rating : 9/10

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