Wednesday, February 6, 2019

REVIEW : WEST BOUND --- Volume I ( Frontiers Music s.r.l. Release: 22 February 2019)

West Bound is the new exciting hard rock/hard blues band that features vocalist Chas West (Resurreciton Kings, ex-Bonham, Lynch Mob etc.) and renowned guitarist/producer Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Halford, Tribe of Gypsies).

With a tight rhythm section by their side, Jimmy Burkard (guitar), Jason Cornwell (bass), Dave “Chilli” Moreno (drums), and Stephen LeBlanc (keyboards), West Bound are here to offer their classic hard rock stuff that the sure thing is that will please every single fan of bands such as Lynch Mob, Whitesnake, Bonham and Rival Sons

The debut opus kicks-off with the furious and ass-kickin' tune of "Never Surrender". A really interesting and very old-fashioned track that features a bad-ass groove, heavy guitars, powerful vocals by Chas West and a killer melody in it! Excellent start, if you ask me. The bluesier and with an earlier Whitesnake-esque feeling in it "Dance Of Life" is a killer one while in "Beautiful Dream" we are dealing with yet another highlight out of this debut. More in a late 70's classic rock style this song is just awesome. In my ears it sounds like a great mix of bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow and DIO. Pure gold!! The guitar melody here is breathtaking!! The punchier "Roll The Bones", the melodic "On My Own" and the acoustic/laid back tune of "Turn To You" are all three superb examples of this new and exciting band. 

What we have here with West Bound is yet another winner for 2019. A great vocalist (Chas West) and a very talented guitarist (Roy Z) surrounded by a killer rhythm section and there you have an amazing and classic record in the vain of bands such as Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Lynch Mob and DIO

Rating : 8,5/10 

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