Friday, March 31, 2017

REVIEW : Coastland Ride: Distance (2017)

Coastland Ride is a Swedish melodic rock/AOR band that since its creation has already released two solid albums (Coastland Ride, On Top Of The World) and nowadays strikes back with its brand new opus entitled "Distance".

As in the most Swedish melodic rock/AOR bands, the same here, the band delivers strong arrangements, beautiful melodies, clever and memorable hooks and choruses and harmonies to die for. The guitar work (lead guitar work on most of the tracks is handled by Sven Larsson --Street Talk, Sapphire Eyes, Lionville)  reminds me a bit of Street Talk and Roulette and in general Coastland Ride's music is extremely enjoyable from start to finish.

The opener tune of "Winds" is just excellent!! Harmonic and melodic as it gets with a 'crunchier' guitar work this track will please every single fan of this particular scene. "Saviour" is movin' to the same beautiful westcoast paths of Street Talk and the 'punchier' "Dead For Seven Days" is yet another killer track out of the new album. The emotional ballad of "Here In My Heart" is magical while with "Spotlight Sun" the band delivers another true westcoast gem. "Higher Ground" and "Reasons To Try" are two more brilliant samples of Coastland Ride's music.

Coastland Ride with their new album, "Distance", delivers a superb melodic westcoast record that will please every fan of the melodic rock scene in general. Melodies to die for, excellent performances and an overall amazing guitar work are the ingredients of this gem of an album.

Rating : 9/10

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