Saturday, May 7, 2016

REVIEW : ZAR / Don’t Wait For Heroes (2016)

ZAR is back!! "Hard To The Beat" was the last album by this German hard rock act back in 2003. The mastermind behind Zar, Tommy Clauss, decided that the time has come for a new album. So, nowadays the brand new opus with the title "Don't Wait For Heroes" is a reality and that's a thing that will put a big smile upon the face of every single fan of this band.

"Don't Wait For Heroes" is an album that takes you back to the 80's with its raw and classic hard rock sound, with its very good guitar licks and its passionate performances.

The opening tune of "Don't Wait For Heroes" is the first big sample of pure 80's hard rock stuff at its best! A big groove, a memorable chorus line, crunchy guitars and a total 80's vibe that takes no prisoners!! "Fighter" rocks while in "The Rain Is Still Going On" we have one of the album's highlights!! A beautiful and so emotional classic ballad that includes superb vocals, a huge guitar work and generally everything here is flawed to perfection. It's time to speed things up a bit with the fast-paced rocker of "Till The Final Day" to come to yet another killer song; "Time"!! This is a simply fantastic slower tune, a bit theatrical, that grabs you with its haunting melody and Clauss's brilliant performances. Check out, also, the solid "Triumph Of Faith" and the heavier "Stalingrad".

Overall, this is a pleasant surprise all the way. It's an extremely interesting album that includes a bunch of some killer tunes in it (especially the slower songs are AWESOME), a strong 80's vibe, excellent guitar work and strong performances. Well done!!

Rating : 8/10

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