Thursday, February 25, 2016

Keep Falling: new Hangarvain's video anticipates the new album

Obscure feelings and massive sounds mashed up in the new Hangarvain's single entitled Keep Falling. 

The video out on February 15th shows a story of love and death with a female ghost wandering in an old empty building and anticipates the release of the new album Freaks out on March 8th from Volcano Records. 

Hangarvain will play Keep Falling in the upcoming Spanish Tour at the end of February when they will hit Bilbao, Madrid, Merida and Alicante while the new album will be offered to their fans from the beginning of March in the just announced release parties of Naples (11st) and Rome (18th). Further info on

Next Hangarvain's gigs

24/2 - Rock La Calle, Valencia
25/2 - La Leyenda Pub, Madrid
26/2 - Sala Maruja Limon, Merida
27/2 - Monroes Music Pub, Alicante
11/3 - Hades Music Pub, Napoli
16/3 - Live Club Pizzeria Piazza Grande,Aquila
17/3 - Cineteatro Fanin, Bologna
18/3 - Jailbreak, Roma
19/3 -Alchemica, Bologna
20/3 - IlBlocco, Verona

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