Sunday, July 19, 2015

REVIEW : MARENNA / My Unconditional Faith (EP, 2015)

Rodrigo Marenna was born in the city of Pelotas, located in the extreme south of Brazil. He had sang in several bands and choirs in his young days. He has, also, studied vocal techniques and, nowadays, Marenna divides his time between the career of lead singer of Lacross and acts producing and discovering new bands, ministering classes and workshops of vocal technique. He participated in some CDs and DVDs of bands in the underground scene in Brazil, as well as in some musical shows, totaling more than 800 shows in his career.

"My Unconditional Faith" is entitled the artist's debut EP and it's about a well-crafted, well-performed, well-written and a melodic paradise EP that will please every melodic lover out there.

This 4-track EP kicks-off with the brilliant and ultra catchy tune of "Need To Believe". A song that grabs you at once and leaves a sweet taste in your ears. This song seems like it came out straight from the late 80's; it's a 'punchy' rocker with a huge melody and when it comes to the chorus it makes you sing-a-long it for days! "Like An Angel" is yet another killer tune while in "Keep On Dreaming" we are dealing with another monstrous AOR anthem that includes a catchy hook and chorus line that sends you to heaven! The EP closes with an acoustic version of "Need To Believe".

Really impressive EP from Marenna all the way! Solid AOR/Melodic Hard Rock stuff that will please every single fan of this particular scene! I'm looking forward to Marenna's full-length album!
Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
1 - You Need To Believe
2 - Like An Angel
3 - Keep On Dreaming
4 - You Need To Believe (Acoustic Version)

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