Saturday, June 27, 2015

REVIEW : VITNE / Endless Blue (EP, 2015)

Back in 2013, I got an e-mail from an artist named VITNE. I received his debut album which was entitled "Neon". After a couple of spins, I was really surprised about VITNE's music. A great mix of old school hair metal/glam, some pinches of the so-called New Wave Of Swedish Hard Rock scene and a strong dose of some modern rock elements and there you have a very enjoyable album.

Nowadays, the artist is back with his brand new work with the title "Endless Blue". Vitne states about the new record (EP) : "This mini album is much more influenced by my love of Japanese rock like GACKT and X Japan as well as my favorite album ever, “seconds/minutes/hours” by Crumb.There’s even influence from RPG music (I mean seriously, who can’t love the soundtrack to Final Fantasy X?) . I understand every release from an artist is something new (unless you are Nickelback).  Listen and let it grow, and then listen again". 

After a short intro, "Rain Of Hope", comes the real thing; "Endless Blue" is the first big moment of this new mini album. It's a fast-paced, up-tempo, rocker that grabs you and leaves you hungry for more! Solid arrangements, a nice guitar riff and a catchy as hell chorus line makes this tune a personal favorite and a song that can be a big hit! The beautiful "Himitsu, Village of the Sea" shows the influences of the artist regarding the Japanese rock scene while in the instrumental "Serenity" we have another incredible melody. Sweet stuff! "Misery" is yet another highlight out of the new record. It's a feel-good acoustic rocker with attitude that made me push the repeat button several times. The last track, "The Ocean", is overall a good one.

Very interesting work by VITNE. "Endless Blue", even though is a mini album, comes to prove that Vitne has plenty of talent and knows perfectly how to write good rock songs. For those who aren't familiar with Vitne's sound, please, do a favor to yourself and check out this one.
Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
1.  Rain of Hope (intro)
2.  Endless Blue
3.  Himitsu, Village of the Sea
4.  Serenity
5.  Misery
6.  The Ocean

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