Saturday, March 28, 2015

REVIEW : The Poodles / Devil In The Details (2015)

It was in 2006 when The Poodles released their already classic debut "Metal Will Stand Tall", which contained some really killer tunes like "Night Of Passion", "Metal Will Stand Tall", "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" and "Echoes From The Past ". Next year, came the band's next step with "Sweet Trade", which was a solid album all the way.

Late spring 2008, after participating for a second time in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Line of fire”, the band proudly accepted the invitation to record and perform the Official Swedish Theme Song for the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008. The result was “Raise the Banner”, which was released on the 15th of July and was the number one hit single in Sweden for most of August 2008.

In 2009, "Clash Of The Elements" saw the light and a year later the band decided that the time has come to release a live record, "No Quarter".  With the next two releases, "Performocracy" and the excellent "Tour De Force"  The Poodles proved that rightfully was considered one of the very good melodic hard 'n' metal bands out there.

So, nowadays, The Poodles are back in business with their sixth official opus that is entitled "Devil In The Details". Personally, and after the first spin of "Devil In The Details", I think that this new record is without any doubt the best album that the band has recorded since the classic debut!! Here, The Poodles follow a more straight forward direction enriching their sound with some more modern elements (listen to "(What The Hell) Baby") that made the final result simply delicious!

Just listen to the ultra catchy tune of "Everything", the heavy "Before I Die", "House Of Cards", the 'dark' "Need To Believe" (reminiscent Gotthard) and the catchy and quite Eurovision-esque "Alive" and you will understand why "Devil In The Details" is a must add to your collection without any second thought!

Spread the news, The Poodles returned with a brilliant album! A true highlight for 2015! 

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
Before I Die
House Of Cards
The Greatest
Crack In The Wall
Need To Believe
Life Without You
Creator And Breaker