Friday, March 27, 2015

REVIEW : Eden's Curse / Live With The Curse (2015)

After 9 years in the melodic hard 'n' heavy scene with four studio albums on their back, EDEN'S CURSE presents their first live album which is entitled "Live With The Curse". The recording of this live release took place on November 28th 2014 at an EDEN’S CURSE headlining show at The Classic Grand in Glasgow.

Fans from all over Europe, and as far away as Japan, traveled to Scotland to witness and be part of this truly special event. What more does a Live Album need than a enthusiastic crowd, a great club and a highly motivated band?

The set-list included songs from every of the four albums that satisfied each and every single fan of the band. Songs like "Trinity", "Devil In Disguise", "No Holy Man", my personal favorite "Masquerade Ball", "Wings To Fly" and "Rock Bottom", to name a few, satisfied the crowd and set the night on fire! The sound, for a live album, is really solid and the band is full of energy. At this point, I have to say that the mix and mastering of the Live recordings were handled by the band’s long-time engineer Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69 / Unisonic), who managed to capture the concert’s energy and vibe perfectly. The cover artwork was once again created by artist Thomas Ewerhard (Edguy / Avantasia), who has also worked with EDEN’S CURSE since the times of their 2007 debut album.

All in all, this is an extremely interesting live album all the way. Two cd's, 101 minutes of pure melodic hard 'n' heavy paradise that the sure thing is that will please all the die-hards of the band! "Are you ready for some balls to the walls rock 'n' roll?
Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :

CD One:

1. Symphony Of Sin
2. Break The Silence
3. Masquerade Ball
4. Black Widow
5. Trinity
6. Fly Away
7. Just Like Judas
8. Fallen From Grace
9. Jerusalem Sleeps
10. Guitar Solo
11. Time To Breathe

CD Two:

1. Rock Bottom
2. Devil In Disguise
3. Wings To Fly
4. No Holy Man
5. Unbreakable
6. Judgement Day
7. Band Introductions
8. Evil & Divine
9. Angels & Demons

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