Thursday, June 5, 2014

Underwell present new album "The Chant Of Husks"!

Post hardcore combo Underwell finally unveiled their new album "The Chant Of Husks" scheduled to hit stores during autumn 2014 on Wormholedeath in special edition digipack and digital download.

Official tracklist:

1. Easy Escape
2. Deformation of the social scale
3. Long Lost Photograph
4. Dark Soul
5. Path Of Fire
6. Charging Darkness
7. The Arsonist
8. Chant Of The Husks
9. Chipotle
10.Shotgun Diplomacy

Furthermore Underwell released their killer official video for the song "Easy Escape" via Blank Tv wich is anticipating the album release.

The band stated: "The new album is the logical evolution of Plan your Rebirth. As we grew up , our sound and the subjects we treat with our music, followed the same process. The concept of the rebirth was recovered and analyzed through a more personal point of view. The sound is a mix of flashbacks from the 70s, really sick dissonances and greater care in the arrangements."

A new photogallery by Patrizia Cogliati is now available on their brand new page:

Artist Website:

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