Sunday, June 8, 2014

INNERSHINE / Where The Spirits Wander (2013)

The band was founded somewhere in 2003 when the line-up was completed and took the name INNERSHINE. The whole idea was to create a band that everybody could put its own music influences and to deliver something both fresh and vintage at the same time.

Innershine managed to play as back-liners for artists such as Ron Thal (current guitar player for Guns’n’Roses), Uli John Roth (Scorpions’ ex guitar player), the historic band The Trip, by Joe Vescovi and Furio Chirico and for prog-metal band DGM.

Last year, Innershine released its debut opus which was entitled "Where The Spirits Wander". After a very intense and beautiful intro comes the first track of the album; the high-tech "High On A Desert Plain" and shows immediately the talent of this band. Imagine Dream Theater at their best and you'll get the picture! The guitar work here is really breathtaking and the harmonic parts out of this world! Next, "Divided In Two" is another killer track! A more emotional song, with again the Dream Theater influences in front row, with an amazing solo! "War To The War" is movin' to some 'darker' progressive metal paths while in "Always Late" we are dealing with another highlight! Emotional and dark, heavy but still melodic this song is just awesome! Love it! The album closes with the beautiful and melancholic outro of "Teenage Whisper".

Brilliant stuff from start to finish! A very promising band with plenty of talent Innershine will make the difference in this particular and so difficult scene. I'm waiting bigger things from them in the near future! Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track Listing : the end of reality, 2. High On A Desert Plain, 3. Divided In Two, 4. War To The War, 5. Always Late, 6. Teenage Whisper

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