Thursday, May 15, 2014

ROMERO Video - Compliments & Cocktails

PREMIERE: Romero Video - "Compliments & Cocktails"

     ROMERO is very pleased to announce the debut of their video for the song "Compliments & Cocktails" from their crowd-funded album, Take The Potion, on Grindcore Karaoke.

     The most trafficked horror site on the web, Bloody Disgusting, is doing the honors and presenting the WORLD PREMIERE right now!  (2pm EST)
See the video here:

     The video was directed by the band's organ player, Tim Consequence, and is a combination of digital & 16mm film.  A longtime collector of vintage music & media ephemera, Consequence constantly strives to find the happy medium between the old with the new.  Smiling, he says, "I had a lot of fun making this video, and am glad that old 16mm film reel could be used in the process."

     The actual 16mm film stock used in the video is fascinating in itself.  The film was found to have been hand-painted by Russian schoolchildren in the late 70s.  This footage was discovered by organist, Consequence, when he purchased a 16mm Russian Krasnogorsk camera and Bell & Howell projector at an estate sale.  Evidently, the owner of the items was a teacher from the Kargopol district in Russia who defected to the United States in the 80's.  This area, about 400 miles from St. Petersburg, is ghastly infamous, as it was once home to a sex and self-immolation cult called "The Brothers and Sisters of the Red Death".  Are these young artists from over 40 years ago descendants of cult members?  Maybe.

     Romero frontman, Jeffrey Mundt, rationalizes,"When you buy something from an estate sale...a lot of times there is a story attached to the item.  You never really know if any of the story is true and I don't know if this footage is real, but it's pretty crazy to think about.  Some of the imagery, colors and words scrawled into the film seem to track very eerily with the stories and they give a feeling of simple, yet deep, emotional understanding.  Ultimately, this video references ritual and the human need to relieve stress through repetition.  Good or bad, light or dark, it's only morality that dictates the validity of our euphoria."

     ROMERO has a multi-city tour planned for later this year.  The band is entering the studio next week to record a new single for the summer & they are also currently demoing material for a new album.

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