Thursday, May 1, 2014

BROTHER FIRETRIBE / Diamond In The Firepit (2014)

It was 2008 when Finnish AOR-sters Brother Firetribe released their second "Heart Full Of Fire" and made every melodic fan very very happy. Nowadays, this so talented band is releasing its brand new "Diamond In The Firepit" and it's ready to delight the ears of each and every single fan of pure melodic rock sound. Well, it seems that it worths this so long wait 'cause "Diamond In The Firepit" is the band's best album to date!

What to expect from Brother Firetribe's newest effort? The answer is as simple as that; pure melodic rock stuff with big and catchy choruses to sing-a-long, harmonic keyboards, solid arrangements and a tight production that makes the whole result very attractive. I will not make the comparisons, who's better or worst, with H.e.a.t. here 'cause in my humble opinion both bands are unique and both have their own loyal audience. So, let's take a close look, a track by track, to this 11 track new album.

After a short intro comes the first big moment of the album. "Love Is Not Enough" is pure candy in my ears! This is a brilliant up-tempo in-your-face rocker with an explosive chorus line that sends you to heaven!
"Far Away From Love" is yet another melodic rock highlight! Positive, energetic with a big hook and chorus and very good arrangements.
"For Better Or For Worse" is the first single from the new album. It features a great guitar work, beautiful keyboards and some really passionate vocal lines! Killer stuff!
"Desperately" is the album's first ballad. This is probably one of the best tunes that this band has ever recorded.
Next, "Edge Of Forever" we have a more edgy AOR tune that features heavier guitars and powerful vocal performances.
"Hanging By A Thread" is movin' to some west-coast paths while in "Trail Of Tears" we have a huge melodic rock anthem! A song that is made to make the audience sing-a-long!
"Winner Takes It All" is a very good cover of Sammy Hagar's classic tune and "Tired Of Dreaming" continues to deliver well-crafted AOR stuff at its best!
The last two songs that close the album, "Reality Bites" and "Close To The Bone", are both very good rockers.

As I said above, this is Brother Firetribe's strongest work to date. The guys achieved to gather all the elements from their previous two releases, plus a more polished, rockier and catchy 'touch' and to create a superb album from start to finish! Highly recommended!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
01 - Intro
02 - Love Is Not Enough
03 - Far Away From Love
04 - For Better Or For Worse
05 - Desperately
06 - Edge Of Forever
07 - Hanging By A Thread
08 - Trail Of Tears
09 - Winner Takes It All
10 - Tired Of Dreaming
11 - Reality Bites
12 - Close To The Bone

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