Sunday, April 27, 2014

MICHAEL BORMANN / Love Is Magic (2014)

"Love Is Magic" is entitled Michael Bormann's brand new studio effort and it's a record that includes the best mid-tempo's, ballads of this incredible singer's career. Bormann is one of those front-mans that impresses with his powerful and at the same time emotional vocal lines at once. He was the lead singer at Jaded Heart but he was, also, involved in with numerous projects/bands through his career.

When it comes to a ballad or something mellower, then Bormann is da man! His emotional vocal performances are enough to rocket every track to heaven. So, "Love Is Magic" is the living proof of what's this singer is capable of delivering anything that concerns a love song! Fifteen great tracks here, most of the themes are included in the musician's earlier works, two were never released tunes and some re-recordings are the ingredients of "Love Is Magic".

The album kicks-off with one of my favorite Bormann tunes ever, the huge power-ballad of "I Wanna Hear Your Voice". Man, what can I say about this one? Emotional to the bone with a tremendous performance by Michael and a heavenly influenced melody. Next, the acoustic laid-back "Singing For You", originally included in Mark Sweeney's "Slow Food" album, is another beautiful track. "Can't Stop Missing You" is just brilliant and yet another personal favorite while in "Somebody Like You" we have a brand new song. This is pure candy in my ears. It has a Bon Jovi vibe in it that makes it another highlight from this record. "Love Is Magic", the duet with Anette Olzon "Two Of A Kind" and the classic cover "Help" are all magic moments that if there is someone out there who hasn't heard them till now, must do it right now!!!

Bottom line is that this is a sensational album all the way. It showing the 'touchy' and emotional side of Michael Bormann gathering all the soft moments of this so talented musician's career. So, "Love Is Magic" is the perfect soundtrack in a romantic dinner with candles, wine e.t.c.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5 / 10

Track Listing :
 01 - I Wanna Hear Your Voice
02 - Singing For You
03 - Can't Stop Missing You
04 - Help
05 - Two Of A Kind
06 - Somebody Like You
07 - The Best Is Yet To Come
08 - Love Is Magic
09 - Way Back Home
10 - Was Mir Fehlt
11 - Think Twice
12 - I'd Die For You
13 - Don't You Tell Me
14 - Go Going Gone
15 - Uberleben   

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