Saturday, April 5, 2014

GOTTHARD / Bang! (2014)

After the tragic death of their singer, Steve Lee, legendary Swiss melodic hard rockers Gotthard took the decision to continue! So, they hired the very talented Nick Maeder and they released the "Firebirth" album in 2012. A really solid effort that included some very good tracks in it. Nowadays, the band is back again with its brand new "Bang!".

After a short intro, it comes the opening tune of "Bang!"! Man, this track is a true blast! A great up-tempo rocker with a cool riff, all the trademarks of Gotthard's sound and a catchy enough chorus line to sing-a-long for days! "Get Up 'n' Move On" is a typical Gotthard song full of great guitar lines, Maeder's powerful vocal lines and great arrangements! "Feel What I Feel", the first single, is the absolute highlight here! Emotional with a huge melody and a 'darker'/modern vibe in it this track is a true winner! "C'est La Vie", the first ballad, features a so sweet melody while in "I Won't Look Down" we have a classic 80's influenced track and, of course, another highlight. "Red On A Sleeve" and "What You Get" both will rock you with their big harmonies, hooks and choruses! Finally, the album closes with the very nice and epic tune of "Thank You", dedicated to guitarist’s Leo Leoni recently departed mother.

Bottom line is that "Bang!" is yet another high quality release from this legendary band full of some really brilliant rockers and emotional songs that will make proud all of their fans around the world!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
01. Let Me In Katie
02. Bang!
03. Get Up 'N' Move On
04. Feel What I Feel
05. C'est La Vie
06. Jump The Gun
07. Spread Your Wings
08. I Won't Look Down
09. My Belief
10. Maybe (Duett)
11. Red On A Sleeve
13. Mr Ticket Man
14. Thank You

Vocals - Nic Maeder
Guitar - Leo Leoni , Freddy Scherer
Bass - Marc Lynn
Drums - Hena Haberger

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