Monday, March 3, 2014

STORM WARRIOR / Thunder & Steele (2014)

STORMWARRIOR are worldwide known for their unique style, combining true heavy metal anthems with the concept of Nordic mythology. To be honest, this is my first 'touch' with Storm Warrior. Hailing from Northern Germany and greatly inspired by the 80’s metal scene, especially Helloween and Running Wild, the band was founded by Lars Ramcke in 1998.

After releasing two demo tapes and playing dozens of live shows, STORMWARRIOR finally got the attention of one of their all time idols Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray/ex-Helloween) and recorded their self-titled debut album with him in Hamburg’s Hansen Studios. At the end of 2003, STORMWARRIOR entered the Hansen Studios again to record the highly anticipated second album "Northern Rage". After the release of their second opus, the band toured and participated in many big festivals. They followed two albums, "Heading Northe", "Heathen Warrior", and, nowadays, the band unleash it's fifth record which is titled "Thunder & Steele".

"Thunder Steele" is the opening track and its about a fast and furious metal anthem with a 'speedy' riff and an epic vibe in it! Typical Euro power metal stuff! "Metal Avenger", "Sacred Blade" and "Ironborn" are all three excellent examples of power metal with in-your-face performances and epic guitar riffs and for me these are the ones that impressed me most from this record! "Die By The Hammer" is another glorious moment of this release while "Child Of Fyre" is a nice one, a bit different, but overall a good one. It's more catchy with a metal groove in it!

All in all, this is a very interesting release all the way. As I already mentioned above, this is my first contact with the band's sound and I'll try to search the band's earlier releases. These guys have the power, the right attitude and the songs and finally they don't disappoint! I'm sure that the Stormwarrior fans will be pleased by this new opus, as for the others? Check this on out! Recommended!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7,5/10

Track Listing:
1. Thunder & Steele
2. Metal Avenger
3. Sacred Blade
4. Ironborn
5. Steelcrusader
6. Fyre In The Nighte
7. Die By The Hammer
8. Child Of Fyre
9. One Will Survive
10. Servants Of Metal

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