Sunday, March 9, 2014

STEALTH: an Hard'n'Heavy bomb!

STEALTH: an Hard'n'Heavy bomb!

STEALTH officially enters the roster of Atomic Stuff Promotion, which will handle promotion for its debut self-produced album "Shores Of Hope", released in late 2013.
On their YouTube channel, you can watch the video for "Ozone Fades":

"Shores Of Hope" tracklist:

1 - Guns! Guns! Guns! 2 - The Border 3 - Ozone Fades 4 - Godspeed 5 - Nuclear Warfare 6 - Pharaoh 7 - Black Century 8 - Uhlans, 1915 9 - Rock Beast 10 - My Heaven.


Enrico Ghirelli – Vocals
Luca Occhi – Guitars and backing vocals
Matia Catozzi – Guitars
Andrea Rambelli – Bass guitar and backing vocals
Marcello Danieli – Drums


STEALTH were born in 2007 from an idea of Luca Occhi and Marcello Danieli, who immediately started to write songs and lyrics. In 2011 the line-up is finally completed with Andrea Rambelli, Matia Catozzi and Enrico Ghirelli, each coming from previous musical experiences. The band is very dedicated to music, and is determined to enter the pro's world. Since 2012 the band performed almost 60 live shows, including gigs, festivals and contests. STEALTH have also been interviewed by local press, radio, and televisions. In 2013 they self-produced their debut album "Shores Of Hope", and filmed an official video for one of the songs, "Ozone Fades". In March, 2014, STEALTH signed a promotional deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion.


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