Monday, March 10, 2014

ADRENALINE MOB / Men Of Honor (2014)

Spread the word...'Adrenaline Mob is back' !!!! And it's back with this new amazing album which is entitled "Men Of Honor". After the solid debut release, "Omerta" in 2012, and the departure of Mike Portnoy this super-group is back again with another great release full of powerful and in-your-face performances by the extraordinary singer  Russell Allen, some really heavy and inspired riffs and solos by Mike Orlando, a bunch of superb tracks and a tight as hell rhythm section. This time the man behind the drum machine is no other than the well-known AJ Pero from the legendary Twisted Sister!! John Moyer, on bass, closes the band's line-up.

So, the question is what to expect from Adrenaline Mob's new effort? The answer is simple....pure ass-kickin' modern heavy melodic metal stuff with attitude, perfectly balanced, with big melodies and catchy as hell chorus lines to sing-a-long for days..... For those who aren't familiar with the band's sound imagine Motley Crue, John Corabi era, on dope mixed with Pantera's "Far Beyond Driven" elements and a strong dose of Nickelback's latest work and there you have Adrenaline Mob. Plus to the above a virtuoso guitar player (Mike Orlando) ala Zakk Wylde and the result is this awesome record!!!!!

Russell Allen sings his heart out here and Orlando is delivering a really impressive guitar work! His solos and riffs are really breathtaking and they are among the best shredding I've heard in a long long time. Imagine the heaviness and attitude of the 'mighty' Zakk Wylde along with a more groovier play and here you have how Mike Orlando sounds. From the opening foot-stomping tune of "Mob Is Back" you are going to be hit by a thunderous heavy storm which starts out with some furious drumming and some incredible heavy riffing!!! For sure, the great appetizer of what's to follow next! In "Come On Get Up" the Nickelback influences are more than obvious and in "Behind These Eyes" you have a really huge hard rock ballad!! Brilliant stuff! Every song here is a true winner, a true melodic hard rock/metal gem no doubt 'bout that! The powerful performances and the impressive solos are one after another, the big and fat drumming is in front row and the tight bass lines are the cherry on top! Listen to "Feel The Adrenaline", "Crystal Clear" and "House Of Lies" and you'll understand what I'm talikn' about here.

Impressive, heavy, glorious and melodic with a 'punchy' production "Men Of Honor" sounds simply fantastic!! Mike Orlando's guitar work is the absolute highlight here!! This guy with his impressive solos takes the whole album to a higher level! Russell Allen vocal abilities are well-known, the rhythm section is solid and the only thing that I have to add is that go out and get this album by any cost! Classic!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 10/10

Track Listing :
1. Mob Is Back
2. Come On Get Up
3. Dearly Departed
4. Behind These Eyes
5. Let It Go
6. Feel The Adrenaline
7. Men Of Honor
8. Crystal Clear
9. House Of Lies
10. Judgment Day

11. Fallin’ To Pieces 

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