Sunday, February 9, 2014

MIRACLE MASTER / Tattooed Woman (2014)

Miracle Master is a new melodic hard rock/metal sensation that had its birth out of the ashes of the amazing heavy rock band PUMP!! The band consists of Oliver Weers on vocals (ex Oliver Weers Band, Ripe, D.I.M), Marcel 'Selly' Bernhardt on guitars (ex Pump, Tales Of Sorrow, Unfroynd), Michael Vetter on bass (ex Pump, Chinchilla, Watch Me Bleed), Axel 'Aki' Reissmann on guitars (ex Pump, Hazy Shade, Downspirit) and Andreas Minich on drums (ex Pump) and their mission is to deliver an ass-kickin' hard rock/metal album that will please any heavy freak out there!

Oliver Weers has a strong and powerful voice and is giving to each and every song a strong kick in the ass! The guitar sound is big and fat and in some parts it reminds me of Skid Row, Slave To The Grind era. The rhythm section is tight as hell and in general "Tattooed Woman" is a really blast! Of course, their sound is updated but overall this little gem sounds fresh and kickin'.

"Come Alive" kicks-off the album in a very classy way! Powerful, in-your-face with a monstrous heavy riff and an impressive chorus line to sing-a-long! "Fly Away" has the well-known groovy lines of PUMP but this time Oliver Weers rockets this song to a higher level! One of the album's highlights!!! "Miracle Masters" is one of the heaviest tunes here and it's a song that could easily appeard in any of Skid Row's earlier releases. The guitar work is huge!! Amazing stuff!! "Tattooed Woman" brings the 80's heavy rock sound back while "Highway Heaven" is another heavy impressive anthem that made me push the repeat bonus several times!!!

An impressive record all the way! These guys are bringing the ass-kickin' heavy rock sound of the 80's with their debut album and the sure thing is that they are aiming at some even bigger things in the near future. Powerful, in-your-face with a huge guitar work, great arrangements, a solid production and well-written you need more? 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9,5/10

Track List :
01. Come Alive
02. Fly Away
03. Stay With Me
04. Forgive Yourself
05. Miracle Master
06. Will To Survive
07. Why Religion
08. Tattooed Woman
09. Highway To Heaven
10. Tear Down The Walls

11. We All Touch Evil

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