Sunday, February 23, 2014

KILL RITUAL / The Eyes Of Medusa (2014)

After my first meeting with Kill Ritual's sound, and I'm talkin' about the band's debut release "The Serpentine Ritual" in 2012, I have to admit that I was looking with anticipate to hear new stuff from these guys.

"The Eyes Of Medusa" is entitled the band's latest effort and it's an album that was mixed and mastered completely by Steven RiceAndy LaRocque (KING DIAMOND). This new opus kicks-off with the powerful and in-your-face tune of "The Eyes Of Medusa". It features a cool heavy riff, clear vocals, a very nice rhythm and in general everything here sounds solid! "Hair Trigger" features a more straight forward sound in an old-fashioned way while "Never Get Me" is another cool sample of Kill Ritual's music with again a great guitar work. "Ride Into The Night", "Weight Of The World" and "Writing In The Wall" are all three very good songs. Next, "Just Another Sin" is one of the album's highlights; heavy and melodic at the same time (the acoustic parts are awesome!), with great arrangements and a huge guitar solo! Brilliant stuff! The rest three songs of this release are all movin' to the same 'thrashy', modern melodic metal paths.

Closing my review, I have to add that Kill Ritual with their second release are delivering a more mature album with better songs, more melody but with the same power and attitude as in their debut. Their sound is updated a bit and is givin' to the final result a more fresh 'approach' which is a good thing.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01. The Eyes Of Medusa
02. Hair Trigger
03. Never Get Me
04. Ride Into The Night
05. Weight Of The World
06. Writing On The Wall
07. Just Another Sin
08. My Little Sister
09. Unleashed
10. Agenda 21

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