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Now Or Never is a newcomer in the melodic hard 'n' heavy world. But the members of Now Or Never have already participated in many bands and they are experienced, both in the road and in the studio.

Guitarist Ricky Marx played with Pretty Maids from 1989 till 1991 when the band issued the "Lethal Heroes/Jump The Gun" album (the follow up to "Future World"). Bassist Kenn Jackson was with Pretty Maids from 1991 till 2010, having played on the band's nine releases preceding the latest LP "Motherland." Vocalist Jo Amore is one of the founding members of French metal act Nightmare, originally the band's drummer for the first eight years. Rounding out, the band is drummer Fabian Ranzoni who was in the Swiss band Sultan.

The band plays modern metal with heavy riffs, some good melodies and clever choruses but the band's trademark is their vocalist Jo Amore who has a rough and very special metal voice. His passionate and at the same time powerful, in-your-face performances are givin' the extra flavor to the album's final result. The rhythm section is solid and you are gonna discover some really inspired heavy riffs and some extremely melodic solos. There are plenty of good songs here like the amazing "An Angel By My Side", which is the highlight of the album, "Dying For You", "Now Or Never", the incredible ballad of "Something's Missing" and "How Do You Feel".

All in all, this is a quite interesting release. These guys are trying to mix the 80's hard 'n' heavy scene with a modern updated sound and a crispy production and they achieve to present a very enjoyable record. Check it out if you are a fan of the classic hard 'n' heavy sound with a modern twist!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7,5 /10

Track List :

01. Reach Out For The Sky – 4:53
02. Now Or Never – 4:38
03. Wind Of Freedom – 4:12
04. Brothers – 3:47
05. Hardened Steel – 4:40
06. Princess Of Undiscovered Land – 4:19
07. An Angel By My Side – 5:32
08. How Do You Feel? – 4:42
09. Dying For You – 6:05
10. Who’s In The Mirror? – 4:25
11. Something’s Missing – 4:06
12. Weirdo Lullaby – 0:40

Produced, engineered and mixed by Pat Liotard
Mastered by: Jan Eliasson at Audioplanet,Denmark

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