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Illusion X” is the band’s third album and it features legendary vocalist Mark Boals (YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN, RING OF FIRE among many others). The band was formed back in 2002 by guitarist/drummer Mike Dimareli and, except Mike, it consists of Chris Dimareli on keyboards, Leo Petropoulos on bass and as I have already mentioned Mark Boals on vocals.

The band's sound is characterized by the inspired and thunderous guitar lines, a big and grandiose drumming, a tight musicianship, solid performances and very good songwriting. The power metal elements make the final result very attractive to every single fan of the classic melodic power metal sound.

"Look In The Mirror" is a heavy 80's influenced tune that recalls Malmsteen's earlier works while "Chasing My Life" is the absolute highlight here!! A fast and furious melodic metal anthem with a monstrous riffing, a double-kick drum line and Boals's powerful performances in front row! Plus a catchy as hell chorus line and there you have a classic metal gem! Next, "I Am So Different" slows the tempos a bit with its emotional and inspired melody and with the amazing guitar solo. "Follow The Light" is moving to some hard rock paths with its nice harmonies, melody and memorable chorus. Another great track here! "Wings Of Time" and "Run Like The Wind" are both excellent examples of this band's abilities to deliver solid melodic metal songs while in "Illusion X" the epic elements are more obvious than the previous tracks. The album closes with another highlight; "Mother" is the last track and it's about a very touchy one regarding the melody, the words and the performances. Great, just great!!!

Overall, this is my biggest surprise so far!! This band delivers a hell of an album! Everything here is perfectly balanced; the melodies, the great arrangements, the power, the amazing guitar work, the powerful but still emotional performances are all things that you will discover by listening to ARTICAL's newest release!! For the fans of pure melodic metal sound and, of course, the fans of Malmsteen's earlier works this is your album to buy!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :
1. Look in the Mirror
2. Chasing my Life
3. I am so Different
4. Follow the Light
5. Wings of Time
6. Run Like the Wind
7. Illusion X
8. Mother

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