Saturday, July 20, 2013

MYSTERY / 2013 (2013)

Mystery is a new band that hails from Australia and after a successful tour in Japan and their participation in the famous festival ROCKLAHOMA, it is all set for the release of their debut with the simple title "2013".

The band already counts nearly three years of life and their sound can be characterized by loud and in-your-face guitars, catchy choruses, a tight rhythm section, the necessary 80's 'air' and generally well crafted songs. Mystery in the last two years have played with big names on the global scene, such as Jaded Heart, Manowar, Guns N Roses, At Vance and Alice In Chains among others, which filled their experience and this can be heard in their sound.

After a short intro, Mystery put us in the game with the inaugural "Raise Your Fist". Imagine the attitude of Motley Crue, a little of Quiet Riot and a heavy dose of the new generation of European hard rock scene and there you have the perfect appetizer of what coming-up next!

The album continues with the excellent "Freedom", "Nonstop To Nowhere" and my personal favorite tune of "Test Of Time" to fall slightly, synthetic speaking, with the average "On Fire" and "Lost In Time". The last two songs that close this first step of Mystery can be characterized as solid ones without offering something special.

Closing, I would say that Mystery with their first essay neither impresses nor leaves you indifferent! Some songs are really good, with strong arrangements but in their majority most of the songs are a little bit boring and at the end leave you with an appetite ... The decision is always yours.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7/10

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