Saturday, July 20, 2013


Danger Angel is a Greek based melodic heavy rock band that pleased the melodic community in 2010 with its debut album. An album full of 'clever' choruses, hooks, melodies and an 80's feeling in it plus the appearance of  the mighty Jeff Scott Soto on backing vocals.

Nowadays, the band is back with album number two with the title "Revolutia". This time the 'happier' lyrics are givin' their place to some more mature songwriting and with this album Danger Angel set the base for some bigger things in the near future. Jeff Scott Soto is once again with Danger Angel to give his help as a producer and the final result is even better than the debut. This new release is the band's big step for some bigger audiences and occupation with the financial crisis andthat reflects to the life-situation of the Greek people and millions around the world. This time Danger Angel have a new shouter on board, Minas Tsigos, who sings his heart out and he is givin' the extra push to take this band to a higher level.

"When I'm Gone" seems to be the perfect mid-tempo AOR tune of 2013! It's a simply fantastic and extremely melodic track with amazing performances, some inspired guitar lines and a perfect harmony! "One Hit In The Night" is a fast-paced rocker with attitude and a ballsy guitar sound that took me by surprise from the first listen. "Not An Angel" features a more heavier and in the same time epic feeling in it while "Falling" includes a modern rock vibe in it. Other highlights from the new album are "Decadence", "Last Call" and "My Last Day On Earth".

All in all, this a really interesting album from start to finish! No fillers here just pure melodic heavy rock tracks with passionate performances, excellent guitar work, great arrangements, a tight musicianship plus a great production by the one and only Jeff Scott Soto that take this band a level up regarding their debut. Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8 / 10

Track List :
 01. Revolutia
02. One Hit In The Night
03. When I'm Gone
04. Not An Angel
05. Falling
06. Decadence
07. Dead By Christmas
08. King Of Thieves
09. Road Kill
10. My Last Day On Earth
11. Don't Die Young
12. I'm Not Here
13. Last Call
14. Rock My Heart (Bonus Track) 

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