Saturday, June 15, 2013


Max Pie was originally founded in 2005 and started playing classic hard rock stuff in the vain of Deep Purple and Whitesnake. Then, they enriched their sound with a strong progressive dose but, also, some epic pinches as well and, finally, in 2012 their debut album, "Initial Process" was a fact.

Nowadays, the band is ready for its next step which is titled "Eight Pieces - One World". The fact is that I'm a stranger to the band's sound and that's why I was curious of what to expect. In this album is, also  featuring guitarist Simone Mularoni (DGM) on two tracks. From the opening tune of "A Cage Of Sins" you will be attacked by an inspired heavy riffing that makes impression!! Next comes "I'm Sealed" which is movin' to the same heavy paths as the opening while in "Earth's Rule" the theatrical and atmospheric elements are more obvious than the previous two songs. In "I'm In Love" the band is showing its softer and more melodic side and in "Vendetta" the hard hitting rhythms are back. "The Side Of A Dime" is good while in "Addictions" we are dealing with another highlight from this album. "Don't Tell Me Lies" includes an awesome guitar solo and riff.

Not bad at all; I really enjoyed this album a lot. Some great riffing, soloing and a tight musicianship in this really surprising effort. Most of the songs are well-crafted, well-performed and these guys have nothing to be envy about some 'older' bands of this particular scene! Check them out!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7/10

Track List :
  1. A Cage Of Sins 
  2. I’m Sealed 
  3. Earth’s Rules 
  4. I’m In Love 
  5. The Side Of A Dime 
  6. Addictions 
  7. Don’t Tell Me Lies 

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