Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cable Car Makes Smooth & Sexy Debut with EP "Ride"

Los Angeles, CA –From their suave fashion sense to their infectious music, the tantalizing trio known as Cable Car has skillfully perfected their image and sound. The five-song collection comes complete with a refreshing blend of sweet pop beats, injected with hard-hitting rock elements and soulful R&B melodies. Self described as “new vintage”, the new EP, available now on iTunes, is a modern twist on vintage style, and plays out the tragic, sexy sides of love with brutal honesty.  As they blur the genre lines, Cable Car attracts music lovers from all corners of the music world to their side with ease.

Influenced by local talent and major artists in Los Angeles, the band has been diligently promoting their new EP Ride; the multi-instrumentalists tapped Mike Pappas for the EP’s stellar production. Together, they equipped it with a diverse subject matter, all inspired by love and relationships. The single “You’re Killing Me” is a story of a fatal romance where the girlfriend won’t let up. The chart-worthy song features spine-tingling falsetto vocals with a catchy, heart-wrenching hook and a bright, guitar-ridden pop beat. “Songs That Groove” is an up-tempo, sweet song that can turn anyone’s mood around. Similar to many of their songs, the forthcoming single “Wait For Me” rings with immense feelings, raw passion and a classic vi ntage musicality, from the lyrics to the sea-side instrumentation. It also features a harmonica solo that can effortlessly touch the depths of the soul. Connecting to their audience remains a high priority to Cable Car and they stay focused on creating honest and enjoyable music. “People want to watch something real. So we live how we perform – Free, raw, exposed, human”, explains Nathan Mott, the trio’s front man.  
With backgrounds in acting and modeling and a strong passion for music, each band member brings a different flavor to the group. Nathan Mott (vocals), Jack Turner (guitar), and Ryan Murphy (drums) met in 2012 in a Los Angeles apartment complex. After a several nights of bonding over beers; the driven and focused men grew a connection that was unbreakable and soon began rehearsing original material. Ryan and Nathan migrated to the entertainment capitol from Rhode Island and Jack flew across the pond from Weymouth, UK, all to kick their musical careers into high gear. Individually, the band members’ talents stand strong on their own. 

Coming from humble beginnings, Nathan is inspired to relay pure unadulterated emotion through his voice. Growing up, he was infatuated with the boundless voices of Ben Harper and Jeff Buckley and eventually incorporated their styles into his. Jack implements his roots in jazz, R&B and blues to give that smo oth, rhythmic vibe to their music. He has also starred in various film, TV and theater roles. A self-proclaimed “nut” when it comes to music, Ryan is as at home behind a drum kit as he is programming beats.  With major influences from heavy rock bands, Ryan brings an electric flare to the group. As he grew older, R&B and hip-hop allowed him to broaden his style. The group has been compared to mega music icons such as Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, The Script and Maroon 5. The hot trio sold out their heart-throbbing shows at popular LA venues such as The Mint and Room 5 and will be performing at Molly Malones on June 27th.

With a package as perfect as theirs, fans are flocking in by the ton.  But don’t worry about hopping on the bandwagon - take a joy RIDE on this Cable Car. Visit to become a passenger and read more juicy details on the band.

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