Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa to tour Scandinavia

Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa released their first album Don’t Explain in 2011. A collection of the pair’s favorite blues and
soul songs. They followed up with a similar collection on this year’s stunning Seesaw. On 22nd June they will play the first of
five gigs together when they take the stage at Bergenfest in Norway. They will then continue to the U.K., Belgium and the Netherlands.

Beth Hart will be back in Scandinavia this summer for gigs:

5/7    Skanevik Blues Festival, Skanevik, Norge
11/7  Odderöya, Kristiansand, Norge
12/7  Midnatsrock, Lakselve, Norge
2/8    Notuddens Bluesfestival, Notudden, Norge
3/8    Borkhavn Musikfestival, Borkhavn, Danmark
6/8    Posten, Odense, Danmark
8/8    Smukfest, Skandenborg, Danmark

Joe Bonamassa will return to the north in the autumn with gigs:

8/10     Falkon Theatre, Köbenhavn, Danmark
10/10  Sentrum Scen, Oslo, Norge
11/10  Waterfront, Stockholm, Sverige
13/10  Hartwell Arena, Helsinki, Finland

And don’t be surprised if you can catch Beth Hart on a stage near you in the autumn….

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