Friday, May 31, 2013

"The Gioconda Smile" - The debut album of Nic Polimeno - Out Now !!

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"The Gioconda Smile" is the debut album of the young and talented guitar player and singer Nic Polimeno. The album collects ten tracks and shows Nic's musical style both in the form of songs and instrumental music. The compositions display Nic's blues roots mixed with some psychedelic influence and show the skillfullness and novelty of this project. The entire album is an homage to the well played music, recorded by young and gifted guys who have been working together on several different projects. The artistic production has been followed by Marco Tansini who pulled out the pop side of Nic's music without compromising the original attitude. The album is enriched by the coauthor work of the english singer Nigel Baley, Mario Percudani (Hungryheart, Mitch Malloy, An Apple A Day) and Marco Tansini. This resulted in a high impact album, ready for the radios but with no compromises on the musical side. A true and direct album that will capture the listener.

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