Thursday, February 14, 2013


Raven Lord is a new heavy metal band that consists of some great metal musicians such as the vocalist Csaba Zvekan ( Killing Machine), axeman Joe Stump of Reign Of Terror,  George Karafotis (guitars), Jamie Malender (bass), Alessandro Duo on keyboards of Voodoo Highway and Lawrence Paterson on drums.

The band has its roots in the traditional U.S. heavy metal sound with some pinches of melodic power metal but, also, some neo-classical elements 'cause of the extraordinary virtuoso Joe Stump. I have to admit that after my first spin, I liked this album a lot. Their strongest point is the amazing guitar work of Stump!! This guy is a true guitar hero and that's a thing that reflects to each and every single song of this effort!!! Zvekan's performances are rough and sometimes evil and fits perfectly to the final result. The rest of the band is tight and the production is solid.

The track that impressed me the most is "Let The Show Go On". This is simply a killer cut!! Heavy as hell with a huge rhythm and a catchy chorus that leaves you hungry for more! The guitar work, the performances....everything here is perfectly balanced in this amazing tune!  Another highlight, and a personal favorite, is the "Promised Land". In-your-face metal stuff with attitude and Zvekan's powerful performances in front row! "Settle The Score" is a more straight forward song with a Malmsteen's spirit in it. The other tracks are moving to the same heavy/neo-classical/power paths of Malmsteen, Primal Fear and Cage.

Overall, this is a solid heavy metal record! For all of you who want your ordinary heavy metal band big and loud with the necessary screams and shouts and with some inspired solos and riffs, this album is FOR YOU! Check it out now!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8/10 

Track List : 01. The rebel, 02. Attila the Hun, 03. Let the show go on, 04. Seal of the cross,
05. Settle the score, 06. Promised Land, 07. Black Friar, 08. World out of steel, 09.
Revelation, 10. Metal Knights, 11. Sun God

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  1. The full Raven Lord album "Descent To The Underworld", can be streamed here:

    See them live in 2013:
    20. June 2013 The Diamond, Nottingham, UK
    22. June 2013 R-Mine Metalfest, De Posthoorn, Hamont-Achel, Belgium