Monday, February 11, 2013


Argentina's metal heroes Helker have signed a record deal with AFM Records and they are ready to unleash their power with their pure power metal stuff full of great heavy riffs and big arrangements along with some very nice melodies.

The super-star here is their lead singer, Diego Valdez who is among the elite of singers in today's metal scene! He is also participating in Tarja's latest dvd/cd, where he was a guest  singer on the track "Phantom Of The Opera". Since their start, Helker released two albums in their native tongue and they achieved to build a strong fan base around their name.

In this new one, Helker decided to work with the 'mighty' Mat Sinner as the producer of "Somewhere In The Circle". Mat Sinner, also, co-wrote, along with Helker and Achim Koehler, the songs of this new effort.

The album starts off with the thunderous "Modern Roman Circus". This song brings back memories from the great R. J. Dio's (R.I.P) earlier works. And that's a thing is due to Valdez's powerful vocal performances. "Just Be Yourself" features some excellent riffs and solos and it's again a perfect example of classy power metal stuff with attitude!! In the epic tune of "Begging For Forgiveness", we have the participation of Tim "Ripper" Owens and Ralf Scheepers. The Rainbow-esque "Flying" is another killer track from this new effort while in "Dreams" the melody and the chorus line are both stunning!!

All in all, this is a classic heavy metal album all the way! Diego Valdez's performances are top notch, the guitar duo of Mariano Rios and Leo Aristu offer us some amazing riffs and solos and the whole album is a very enjoyable ride for every fan of this scene!!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01. Modern Roman Circus
02. Just Be Yourself
03. No Chance To Be Reborn
04. Begging For Forgiveness
05. Wake Up
06. At The End Of The Journey
07. Ghosts From The Past
08. Still Alive
09. Flying
10. Inside Of Me
11. Dreams

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