Saturday, February 2, 2013


Sweden's finest glam metal heroes Crashdiet are back with their brand new effort which is titled "The Savage Playground". Their previous record "New Generation" was a damn fine piece of new wave of Swedish sleaze/glam metal at its best.

In my humble opinion, the boys with that effort offered us one of the best albums of this particular scene in the last decade. So, nowadays, they are back once again with the "The Savage Playground". After a couple and more listening s I'm not convinced yet about this new one. And please don't get me wrong; this is not a bad record but it lacks of inspiration a bit. All the songs have a rawer sound and the choruses are not so bombastic and catchy as they used to be. There are some really strong moments here but most of the songs sound the same without something new to offer. Simon Cruz's voice is powerful and stronger than ever but the guitar licks are flat. It's too bad 'cause I was expecting this album anxiously.

All in all, this is a good cd but the lack of inspiration doesn't let "The Savage Playground" to become another classic from this band. Of course, the choice is up on; so give it a try.
HeavyParadise's Rating : 6/10

Track List :
1. Change The World
2. Cocaine Cowboys
3. Anarchy
4. California
5. Lickin’ Dog
6. Circus
7. Sin City
8. Got A Reason
9. Drinkin’ With You
10. Snakes In Paradise
11. Damaged Kid
12. Excited
13. Garden Of Babylon
14. Liquid Jesus 
Simon Cruz (v)
Martin Sweet (lg)
Peter London (b)
Eric Young (d)

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