Saturday, April 13, 2019

REVIEW : X-Romance --- Voices From The Past (AOR Heaven, Release: 24 May 2019)

ROMANCE was band founded back in 1988 by Anders "LA" Rönnblom (bass) & Thomas Widmark (keys). In 2015, Anders found some 'old' Romance recordings and decided to release this material. Then, Thomas Widmark started to look for musicians, to be part of this new project, in the Stockholm area. 
The search was finally over and the line-up was completed with the additions of some very experienced and high-skilled musicians such as ANDREAS NOVAK (House Of Shakira) on vocals, FREDRIK TJERNELD on guitar, MIKAEL DAHLIN (Killer Bee) on guitar and KENTA KARLBOM (Goatess) on drums.

So, nowadays, with a brand new line-up and a new name, X-Romance releases its brand new opus entitled "Voices From The Past" and the sure thing is that will please each and every single fan of the melodic rock/edge AOR scene. 

The opener tune of "Loner" is pure melodic rock bliss! Classic mid-80's, keyboard-driven and with an excellent chorus line track that will put a wide smile upon the face of every AOR freak out there. "Bad Connection" is edgier while in "You And I" we are dealing with a killer melodic rock anthem. "You And I" is what I call melodic rock paradise. Melodic as it gets with a brilliant rhythm and a chorus line to sing-a-long for days. "Total Madness" is yet another killer fast-paced rocker with a more 'ballsy' sound in it. The groovier "Temporary Love" and the excellent rocker of "Pushing On" are two more superb samples of X-Romance music. 

This is a killer release! X-Romance brings back the glorious sound of mid-80's with plenty of attitude, big keys, a twin melodic guitar attack, big choruses and some killer tunes! "Voices From The Past" is an album that if you love the melodic rock/edgy AOR sound of 80's, then you have to add it to your collection!

Rating : 8,5/10 

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