Friday, March 22, 2019

REVIEW : WILD AMERICA --- GASOLINE (Kivel Records, 2018)

Now, this is an excellent album all the way!! Call it arena hard rock, hair metal or just ass-kicking melodic hard rock, Wild America's "Gasoline" album is just awesome!! Wild America is a band that with its brand new opus brings back the sound of the U.S. hard rock scene with style. Influenced by bands such as Damn Yankees, Night Ranger, Trixter and Danger Danger "Gasoline" is an album that will put a wide smile upon your face. 

"Gasoline" includes all the magic of the mid-80's, early 90's scene. And that means big choruses, crunchy guitars, magical hooks and tons of melodies enough to sing-a-long for days. 

The opening tune of "Long Road" is just a killer, commercial and up-tempo rocking song and, of course, the first highlight out of the new opus. "Rockstar" is edgier while in "Is Anybody Listening" we are dealing with yet another gem out of "Gasoline". More in a Tyketto-esque path, this track is pure heaven in my ears. Melodic as it gets with a huge chorus line and a melody to die for. The self-titled track, "Gasoline", reminded me a bit of Outloud's works while in "Feet To The Fire" we have a very beautiful ballad made in an old-fashioned way. "She Will" features an amazing guitar work and "Til The End" (the Warrant-esque pinches are more than obvious here...) closes this record in such a great way.

Overall, "Gasoline" is an album that you'll fell in love with from the very first listen. It 'smells' mid 80's, early 90's, arena hard rock from miles away and, if you love bands such as Warrant, Giant, Tyketto, Night Ranger and Damn Yankees, you MUST add this to your collection!

Rating : 9/10  


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