Saturday, January 12, 2019

REVIEW : INGLORIOUS --- Ride To Nowhere (Frontiers Music s.rl. Release Date: 25 January 2019)

With already two solid albums on their sleeves, INGLORIOUS strike back again with album number three. "Ride To Nowhere" is entitled the band's brand new opus that is gonna be released through Frontiers Music this January.

As in their previous recordings the same here, Inglorious delivers a bad-ass with a big groovy sound album that will please every single fan of bands such as Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Black Stone Cherry and Rival Sons

The band is lead by the amazing Nathan James who's vocals are really out of this world. The melodies are plenty, the 'dirty' guitar riffs n' solos are here too and in general "Ride To Nowhere" is yet another strong sample of Inglorious music. 

The first couple of songs that kick-off the new album are pure and classic hard rock stuff at its best. Somewhere between Deep Purple and early Thunder these two tunes really made my day. More bluesy rhythms in "Never Alone" while in "Tomorrow" we have one of the album's highlights. A darker more straight forward rocker that will leave you hungry for more. I really loved the groove and the funkier mood in "Queen". It's a cool track that will shake you and it features a killer guitar solo. The classic rocker tune of "Time To Go", the amazingly beautiful bluesy "I Don't Know You" and the edgier "Ride To Nowhere" are all three killer stuff!!

Album number three for these Brit classic rockers and, in my humble opinion, the best to-date. I think that Inglorious in "Ride To Nowhere" not only is showing its influences loud and clear but it puts its own identity as well. It's one of these bands that every serious rock fan in general should check out. 

Rating : 8/10 

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