Saturday, December 9, 2017

REVIEW : Ammunition --- Ammunition (Frontiers Music s.r.l. RELEASE DATE :26 January 2018)

A couple of years back, the amazing band of AMMUNITION made its appearance and made an impact in the melodic hard rock scene. Leaded by WIG WAM's shouter Age Sten Nilsen, ECLIPSE's mastermind Erik Mårtensson, bassist Victor Cito Borge, Lasse Finbråten (Circus Maximus, ex-Wig Wam), Magnus Ulfstedt (Eclipse), and the exceptional guitar player Jon Pettersen, Ammunition has made a name for themselves as an incredible live act.
The debut album was a damn fine sample of pure Euro melodic hard rock stuff, with some strong AOR-ish pinches, that included some killer tunes in it, strong performances and tons of melodies. That record is still in a regular basis in my cd player.

Nowadays, the band is back with album number two. "Ammunition" continues where "Shanghaied" left us. This new opus is not far away, musically speaking, from WIG WAM's works. But for damn sure, it's edgier, in some parts, with big melodies and hooks n' choruses to sing-a-long for days. The line-up is impressive (what can go wrong when you have Erik Martensson with??) and I think that each member put his personal signature, influences and experience to become this one a hell of an album.   

"Time" is the opener track and it's time to turn the volume on maximum! It's a fun rocker that features a big groove, a WIG WAM vibe in it and, of course, a loud and memorable chorus line. The foot-stomp "Freedom Finder" is anthemic, big n' loud while in "Virtual Reality Boy" and "Gung Ho (I Told You So)" the band delivers two more up-tempo rockers. "Eye For An Eye" is a cool mid-tempo song that reminds me a bit of H.E.A.T.'s newest effort. It's really an interesting moment here. "Tear Your City Down" rocks harder and with a bad-ass attitude and it's among my personal favorites out of this new opus. For sure, this one will be a future live favorite. "Caveman" is bigger, heavier and with a monstrous chorus line and I just love it!! Listen to it again and again!! "Wrecking Crew" is tasty, the mid-tempo rocker "Miss Summertime" is good and "Bad Bones" is yet another killer track that includes a nice groove in it.  The song that closes the new record, "Klondike", rocks good and features some excellent guitar licks. 

AMMUNITION with this brand new work strikes back with another solid record. It rocks harder, bigger and with more attitude! I loved the band's debut and the same goes to this one. It's an album that will please every fan of WIG WAM, Eclipse, H.E.A.T. and, in general, it's an album that will be appreciated by any Euro Melodic Hard Rock fan out there!
........................It's only rock 'n' roll and I LIKE IT!!!!!

Rating : 8,5/10

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