Wednesday, January 6, 2016

REVIEW : PRIMAL FEAR / Rulebreaker (2016)

One of the most beloved and respected melodic metal bands is without any doubt Primal Fear. With ten studio albums released, two live releases and a Best Of compilation, Primal Fear strikes back with a new record which is entitled "Rulebreaker". Their last studio album “Delivering The Black” was their highest chart entry in Germany at Position 13 and charted in eight other countries, incl. the US Billboard Heatseeker charts on Pos. 16.

Singer Ralf Scheepers says about the new opus : “We have so much energy, fantastic melodies and a hell of a drum groove on each and every song, there is no doubt that the fans will love it as much as I do! And again we have achieved to combine bombastic and atmospheric orchestra sounds with soaring heavy metal riffs and licks together with ear splitting screams and also emotional sequences.
We have kept the promise of being a heavy metal band with all our trademarks for which people love Primal Fear“.

Exactly!!! "Rulebreaker" is probably Primal Fear's best album to-date in my humble opinion!!! It's pure heavy, bombastic, powerful with the necessary melodies, a thunderous rhythm section and with a guitar work that will rip your heart out!!!! "Angels Of Mercy" puts you immediately in the album's mood with its heavy to the bone riffing and Scheepers superb performances!!! More groove next in the simply breathtaking "The End Is Near" (one of the album's highlights) with the guitar duo of  Alex Beyrodt and Magnus Karlsson to deliver some impressive guitar work. "Bullets And Tears" sounds like it came out from the late 80's metal scene while in "Metal We Trust" could be the next anthem for every true and loyal metal fan out there!!! "We Walk Without Fear" is yet another gem out of the new record; a monstrous epic track that features emotional vocals by Scheepers and some incredible melodic guitar licks!!!!  "The Devil In Me" sounds like a leftover from an earlier DIO's album and "The Sky Is Burning" is truly unique!!! A classic 80's power metal ballad with a haunting melody and solid arrangements!!!

Fantastic album all the way!! "Rulebreaker" is a true metal record and the sure thing is that will be a future classic!! Primal Fear achieved to release their best record to-date, period!!!

Rating : 9,5/10

Track Listing :
01. Angels Of Mercy
02. The End Is Near
03. Bullets & Tears
04. Rulebreaker
05. In Metal We Trust
06. We Walk Without Fear
07. At War With The World
08. The Devil In Me; Constant Heart
09. The Sky Is Burning
10. Raving Mad

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