Wednesday, January 6, 2016

REVIEW : Last Autumn’s Dream - Paintings (2016)

Last Autumn's Dream is back with album number 12!!! "Paintings" is entitled the brand new record of Mikael Erlandsson and his boys and once again the band is delivering its well-known melodic rock stuff with the necessary 'modern' touches.

Except Mikael on vocals, Last Autumn's Dream features Peter Pac Söderström on lead & rhythm guitars, Jamie Borger on drums, Nalley Påhlsson on bass and Ulf Wahlberg on keyboards.

Just for the record here, LAD was formed by Mikael Erlandsson and Andy Malecek from the successful German hard rock band Fair WarningIan Haugland, Mic Michaeli and John Leven of Europe were asked if they were interested in joining - which they did, and the band LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM was born in 2003! The band has been through several line-up changes (including Marcel Jacob (R.I.P.) of Talisman).

As in its previous 11 albums, the same here, Last Autumn's Dream does not changes the successful recipe which is melody...melody and melody!!!!! Yes, every single track is grafted with big melodies, 'clever' and memorable choruses and Erlandsson's emotional performances. "My Mistake To Make" which kicks-off is pure melodic rock bliss and another classic LAD track in my book. "Out Of Love", "Too Late", "Wont'cha Stay The Night" and "Rock Star Crazy" are all solid and up-tempo melodic rock songs that will please every die-hard of the band and the sure thing is that will gain every fan of this particular scene out there.

Last Autumn's Dream is well-known for its quality in terms of delivering a solid melodic record. "Painting" is yet another quality melodic rock album and another must have for 2016!!!

Rating : 8/10 

 Track listing: 1. My Mistake To Make, 2. Bring Out The Heroes, 3. Out Of Love, 4. Too Late, 5. Take It On The Run, 6. Won’tcha Stay The Night, 7. An Eye For An Eye, 8. Bitter Blue, 9. In Case Of Landing On Water, 10. Rock Star Crazy

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